PhenQ Review: Facts And Figures Every Consumer Should Know About This Weight Loss Pill To Improve and Enhance Weight Loss

PhenQ is a new weight loss supplement formula aimed at helping people who struggle with traditional weight loss. It isn’t merely a diet pill. Rather, it is a combination of supplement substances that can help those who are working to lose weight naturally, by boosting important bodily processes.

We lose weight when we burn more calories through exercise and routine than we consume by eating. PhenQ claims to help inhibit hunger, boost metabolism, and focus the body’s efforts on burning stored fat weight in particular.

To analyze these claims, we first need to look at the ingredients in PhenQ diet pills.

Phenq Ingredients

As with most weight loss supplements, PhenQ is made up of a variety of ingredients. It isn’t a single concentrated pharmaceutical chemical, but rather a recipe of several substances intended to naturally promote the body’s fat burning and muscle developing processes. This makes it a more natural option for those concerned about the well known side effects and risks associated with the most well known big pharma weight loss drugs.

Lacys Reset

The first ingredient is called Lacys Reset, which is believed to activate the mitochondria of the body’s cells. Active mitochondria improve the body’s aerobic, or oxygen based, metabolism, which reduces the production of free radicals. Higher metabolism also influences the body’s processing of calories, which could lead to favorable results when exercising to lose weight.

Capsimax Powder

Next on the list is Capsimax powder. The website lists this powder as a cocktail of capsicum, the main ingredient in red pepper, as well as Capsimax-Powderpiperine, caffeine and niacin. The key components are the capsicum and piperine, which is the key ingredient of black pepper. Peppers have a thermogenic effect on the body, raising body temperature. That rise in body heat is a metabolic effect – the body is burning calories to increase its heat. Research is ongoing, but suggests a link between increased intake of the ingredients in Capsimax powder and the potential to lose additional weight.

Calcium Carbonate

Perhaps the most interesting ingredient included is Calcium Carbonate. A number of studies in animal subjects have strongly suggested that an increased consumption of calcium has the potential to alter how the body metabolizes fat cells. The short explanation is that too little calcium causes the body to believe it is starving, so it begins storing as many calories as possible in the form of fat. Increasing calcium intake can send the opposite signal, reducing the body’s starvation response and therefore indirectly limiting the development of new fat cells.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate acts as a sort of inhibitor on the body’s natural sugar cravings. Sugar is one of the most efficient forms of carbohydrate energy storage. A lot of calories are packed into sugars, and the body craves easy means of energy consumption. Chromium Picolinate regulates the way the body processes sugar, reducing the natural cravings for more of the sweet white stuff.


As is the case with many supplements, PhenQ includes a substantial dose of caffeine. Caffeine, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t actually provide energy. Instead, it stimulates the body to begin using more of the energy already stored, which raises body heat through burning calories. Increasing the metabolism this way can, as with the other ingredients, result in an increased degree of weight loss. Numerous dedicated exercise enthusiasts attest to the enhancing power caffeine can have on their workouts, which is similar to the approach PhenQ is going for by incorporating it here.


The next ingredient is Nopal, a form of cactus that is very high in Nopal phenqnatural fiber. Increased fiber intake is very important to digestive health, particularly in those seeking to lose weight. Increased fiber intake inhibits the enzymes and hormones that trigger the hunger response, making consumers feel full earlier and reducing the urge to eat. Since weight gain corresponds to the number of calories consumed, feeling less hungry means eating less and thus reducing weight gain through food intake.

Carnitine Furmarate

Finally, PhenQ includes Carnitine Furmarate, a fat-converting amino acid. In essence, it coaxes the body to process stored fat energy cells faster, using up stored energy and reducing the rate at which the body packs on additional fatty weight.

Is PhenQ Safe?

When taken in the recommended doses, PhenQ is as safe as any other supplement on the market. That said, PhenQ diet pills do have some potential side effects.phenq diet pills

The most commonly reported effects are most related to the increase in calcium carbonate. A sudden increase in calcium does change the body’s chemistry, and can lead to dizziness, headaches, and nausea. These symptoms are not the normal reaction, but for the sake of completeness and an honest review it is important to note they are possible reactions.

It must be stressed that beginning a supplement regimen can affect your body’s health. Weight loss results in serious changes to the body over time. For this reason, always consult responsibly with your doctor before beginning a new supplement such as PhenQ. They can answer questions and help you make informed decisions that best fit your health and weight loss needs.

PhenQ vs Phen375

PhenQ is frequently compared to an admittedly similar product, Phen375. Both are diet pills aimed at promoting weight loss through increased bodily thermogenic effects. PhenQ, however, does have a significant key difference over the older medication – the confidence of its producer. Phen375’s manufacturers only offer a 30 day money back guarantee, a mere month.

Given that the refund must be requested within the 30 days and the remaining pills returned, it is impossible to take the pills for more than 3 weeks in realistic terms. This is insufficient time to begin seeing any notable effect from any supplement, regardless of where it came from. PhenQ, in contrast, offers a 60 day guarantee. Even if users choose to exercise the refund guarantee, they will have a solid seven to seven and a half weeks to determine if the pills are having a beneficial effect. The extended time indicates a great deal of confidence from the company, and should be considered when choosing the weight loss pill for one’s needs.

PhenQ Coupons

Another area indicating the confidence of PhenQ’s producers is that they consistently offer a digital coupon to promote their product. These coupons can easily be acquired at the official website, and can drop the price of an order appreciably. Companies don’t offer coupons to losing propositions – they clearly believe that the product is good enough to discount it for more customers to buy. This is in addition to core deals such as the reduced pricing for larger orders, making it quite economical to invest in PhenQ as a personal weight loss supplement.

PhenQ Coupons

This also represents a strong reason to shop for PhenQ directly from the source. A number of second hand and affiliate sellers do exist as well, and it can be presumed authorized dealers will extend the same or similar promotions to those of the parent company. However, dealing directly with the main website has the benefit of personal peace of mind. Guarantees are strongest when purchased from the source.

PhenQ Testimonials

Customers who have used PhenQ have not all had the same results. This actually is an encouraging sign, because not everyone has the same body type and metabolism. If every client made the same large claims, it would be a matter of suspicion. Instead, a healthy variety of responses have been recorded both at affiliate sites and on the PhenQ homepage.

Valerie O, age 31, lost 20 pounds in 5 months. This may not sound like a great deal, but doctors stress that true weight loss is often slow and steady, rather than abrupt.

Nichola D, age 36, lost 14 pounds in 9 weeks. This is definitely more dramatic, but still tracks very closely with the weight-training mantra of “Two pounds per week,” as a standard of healthy, consistent, and persistent weight loss.

PhenQ testimonials before and after


PhenQ is not a miracle pill – supplements that claim to be are trying to take advantage of you. Instead, it is a carefully considered and designed combination of supplements that have interesting effects on weight loss in clinical studies. Combined with changes to diet and healthy increases in exercise, it can help you lose weight through interesting metabolic effects in your body. The ingredients are all natural, encompassing pepper, calcium, and increased fiber, rather than heart-damaging prescription chemicals. If you have struggled with weight loss and wish to have a supplement that can help you with less serious stress on your body, PhenQ is very much worth your time to consider.

official website phenq

PhenQ Results Update:


My PhenQ Results – 60 Days Weight Loss Journey

Growing up, I wasn’t the heaviest kid in the world, nor was I all that skinny. I was a healthy, middle of the road weight for most of my life. Naturally, I thought this would mean I’d stay more or less the same weight regardless. I can’t begin to tell you how wrong I was.

At age 20, I was 160 pounds. By the time I was 25 I had gained 100 pounds atop that, and it wasn’t muscle mass. I had developed a very sedentary lifestyle as a writer, without changing my eating habits. This meant I was taking in calories without effectively burning them off, and this meant I was putting on the pounds. Still, I didn’t look too bad apart from a bit of a beer belly, so I didn’t feel too motivated to change things besides trying to diet now and again.

My wakeup call came when I rather abruptly started having very horrible pains up and down my left leg. Sitting, walking, or driving my car became agony. Nothing I did was relieving it, so I went to a doctor. She told me that the X-Rays showed misalignment in my pelvis, which was causing sciatica; basically, the bones were being squeezed out of place and pushing against the nerves in my lower back.

“This is from your weight. I don’t want to sugarcoat this, because you have a chance to fix it. If you lose weight, you can reduce the pain in your leg. If you don’t, you’ll probably end up in a wheelchair.”

That’s a pretty clear message for anyone, so I started looking for ways to shed the pounds.

Finding PhenQ

I ruled out a diet change pretty quickly. I don’t exactly eat all junk food, but there are some things I like a lot that I’d have to cut out if the only thing I was going to do was change how I ate.

Exercise seemed promising, but I found it was very difficult to move and do the exercises I needed to do with the sciatica problem. I’d be five minutes into the exercise and my leg would be screaming at me. Twenty minutes in, and I’d be sitting on the ground trying to stop the pain. If I was hurting this much after such a short time, there was no way I was going to be able to exercise enough to really bring down my weight.

What I needed was an edge. I didn’t want to do Fentermine, because I’d heard very bad things about what it could do to a person’s heart. I wanted an all-natural supplement with very few if any side effects.

Thankfully, my research lead me to PhenQ.

What is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a weight loss supplement with several ingredients that replicate the effects of Phen-Fen in a gentler way. They don’t throw the body into outright overdrive the way prescription weight loss medications do, but rather coax the body’s natural metabolism to start working at a higher level over a longer period of time. This means PhenQ can promote healthy weight loss without jeopardizing my heart. At first, I was doubtful about it. I’d heard all about “supplements only buy you expensive pee,” from a bunch of people. My research into PhenQ seemed to suggest this wasn’t true. Others had talked about the genuine results it had given them, and the before/after pictures with some of these articles were very impressive. Hoping for the best, I decided to order a three month supply. If it didn’t work by then, I’d be out some money but it was worth the risk.

No Magic Bullet: Lifestyle Changes

While I was waiting for my PhenQ to arrive, I did more research and looked into healthy, alternative ways to losing weight. I’d learned from a lot of sources online that no supplement was going to do all the work for me. I had to change the habits of a lifetime in order to lose weight, there would be no magic bullet to solve magic handeverything.

So, I sat down and did some research to build a lifestyle change that would work with PhenQ in order to help me get in shape.

First, I defined the problem. I was overweight to the point that my weight was causing me pain. This actually meant it was harder to work out; as I said, I couldn’t be on a treadmill for very long without it hurting my joints.

The solutions were there, in a three pronged approach. First, I would boost my metabolism with the PhenQ, so that I could get more out of the workouts I would be doing. Second, I would choose workouts that I could do without aggravating my sciatica. Third, I would make one small change to my diet every week, so that I could get used to it instead of just giving up everything I loved and making myself miserable enough to quit.


My doctor told me that part of why I was having back troubles was that my core muscles were weak, particularly the abdominal muscles. This meant that I had to carry more of my weight with my back, which was deforming my spine. So, the first part of my exercises would be healthy improvements to my core. I decided to visit the local gym, which is an inexpensive one that doesn’t require a membership contract, and use all their core machines to strengthen my abs, back, and chest.

I also read that healthier joints, stretching, and range of motion activities could reduce sciatica pain. My gym has a yoga program, so I decided I’d sign up for that and try stretches. The yoga instructor had a nice talk with me, and she agreed that my exercise plan was a good start, and even gave me a few pointers for how to do it.

The Journey: Week By Week

To give you an idea of how this all went, I’ve made a week by week account of my exercises and the PhenQ’s effects.

Week One:

This week was simply awful. I went in to the gym for day one, and I was excited. I was taking a real step to make things better. The excitement faded quickly though, because even doing exercises that minimized pressure on my sciatic nerves, I still felt miserable. Abdominal exercises are the most boring thing in the world, and when you’re front-heavy, it can be hard to breathe steadily while you’re doing them. The yoga wasn’t much better. As a heavy guy not used to balancing acts more complicated than walking, I kept falling over, losing my posture, and just making myself ache with the strange postures. To top it all off, I wasn’t feeling any immediate effects from the PhenQ. I invested my money in these tablets, and I wasn’t getting anything? I felt frustrated, tired, and maybe a little ripped off. It was my yoga teacher who encouraged me not to give up on any part of things, reminding me that the first step doesn’t take you to the destination.

Week Two

Week two felt worse than week one, at first. My body was seriously protesting all the effort I kept putting it through. My torso ached, my sciatica kept acting up, and I was still struggling to breathe when I was doing abdominal workouts.

Yoga was getting better, though. I was finding my balance more easily, and when I was doing the stretches, my sciatica was starting to ease up. It felt good to not have my leg hurting all the time.

It was here I think I first noticed the PhenQ taking effect. Even though I ached and moaned the first two days of the week, I did notice I seemed to have more energy and could work out for longer. The scale also showed that I’d dropped a pound and a half. That more than anything made me swear I’d try it at least for one more week.

Week Three

This was the week that felt like I was starting to get into a routine. I might not like my time in the gym all that much, but I was enjoying how it made me feel afterwards. I felt energized, like I’d pushed through a big problem and now I had my whole day ahead of me knowing I’d done something good for my body.

The PhenQ was definitely working. Just exercising for a few weeks wouldn’t have given me this much energy. I felt more alert, focused, and able to concentrate on my exercise sets, and my yoga poses. I was down another pound and a half by the end of this week.

Week Four

Oh, man, this was the week that really sold me on my weight loss journey. I actually went an extra day to the gym, which meant four workouts instead of three. I didn’t work out very hard the extra day, I just focused on practicing my yoga and increasing my range of motion, but I still went. That meant I burned extra calories I wouldn’t have burned otherwise.

Speaking of calorie burn, the PhenQ must have kicked my metabolism into high gear. On Friday I checked the scale, and I found I’d lost THREE extra pounds by the end of the week. I knew I was working out for longer, but it couldn’t have just been that. The PhenQ definitely was helping.

Week Five

This is the week I finally realized something important. My leg hadn’t been bothering me for a few days. If I stayed on it all day long, I got twinges and weakness. I just didn’t notice the pain while I was working out, or if I was up and around to do minor errands or chores. This was REALLY exciting to me. I’d been in pain so long that having it go away felt so good I nearly cried.

Weight loss continued, I was down another two pounds each week.

Weeks Six and Seven

I’ve combined these two weeks because the results were pretty straightforward. I lost three pounds each week, and made my four days a week routine a permanent part of the cycle I was doing. I’d skipped the four-day in Week Five, but I resolved that I would keep working out four days a week from then on.

My weight loss stayed steady, with another two pounds down the drain.

Week Eight

It was really by week eight that I felt I’d started to become a different person. I was looking forward to my gym routines every morning. I didn’t stick with the four-day workout, I did FIVE days of workouts. Three days were spent at the weight machines, and the two days in between were stretches, for a “weight, stretch, weight, stretch, weight,” cycle that took me from Monday to Friday. I spent an hour and a half each day at the gym, and I really felt the improvements.

As to my weight loss, at the end of the week I nearly danced when I saw I’d dropped five pounds.

Total Weight Loss by Week Eight: Seventeen pounds.

That might not sound like much, but remember that my doctor told me I was still on the border of being able to correct my sciatica. I just barely had enough weight to be causing it, and losing those seventeen pounds took the pain away.

It definitely wasn’t just the PhenQ, and it wasn’t just the exercise. It was the combination of the two that made it work. PhenQ is an exercise and metabolism enhancer, and in my case it definitely paid off. I’m taking a week’s break from exercising to go to a convention with some friends, but I’ve ordered my next three month’s supply of PhenQ already, and I think I can’t wait to get back to the gym.


  1. Lisa Bella says:

    This really does sound like it will work, but you never know. The fact that you have now shared your results make me think it would be worth going for it!

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